I have been giv…

I have been given  the One Lovely Blog Award!
I was given this award  by EK Phototography&Art

Thank  You So much!

Seven things about me
I use to drive the Big Rigs(for 27 years) when females never did, which was really FUN!

I love my pets  as well as most animals, there is always the exception though like when the move in without an invite.

I have always loved the man I am now sharing my life with(apart for 30+years)prayers have truly been answered in my life.

I love my son more than he will ever know.

I love taking pictures(somehow I bet you knew that, lol)


I am on a Weight Watcher’s Journey, down 60 so far!

I am nominating the blogs below for the award as well

OK  this is hard to just pick the required amount so I won’t

I will instead tell each and every one of you who I follow

that I enjoy this world of “Blogging” with YOU ALL.

I am new and getting the hang of it VERY SLOWLY.

Thanks for the feedback on my posts.

I have a lot of STUFF in this head of mine and if I can find the time and courage, through you, I too  will  bloom  into someone whom you can not wait to read a new “POST” from.

Peace & Love to each of you.

I continue to be BLESSED


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    1. Thanks so much Judy! HUGS Down another 3.2 today on top of that YAHOO this garden with either kill me or be the reason for the NEW ME!

    1. Thanks so much Anne you are one of the Bloggers) I sent this on to 🙂
      I have only read a friend of mines Farm Blog now to all of you gives a much bigger view of this world for sure. Thanks Again!

    1. Thank you now remember it goes right back to each and everyone one of you so answer the quetions and add the BLOG AWARD photo I can not choose between wwho I want to leave out 🙂

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