Doll Carriage Parade

This was me as a young girl. (Yes me who turned out to be a tractor trailer driver).

Mom helped me get all dressed up, she even made an outfit like mine for my doll Crissy..

She also did up my doll’s carriage to match our outfits.  Crepe Paper is AMAZING!


There was going to be a parade!


We had just 15 homes on our dead end road and most had  2 to 5 children in each.

The girls pushed their decorated carriages and the boys made their bikes look better with baseball cards in the

spokes, .which made a noise that made them feel special and wild.

Kids from others streets who played at the end of our road could also come and join in.


I got a ribbon for all of Mom’s hard work but I will never forget some of the others and how they came.


Such fond memories of days like this.  Where did those days go for the children of today.?  They are so busy doing

so many different things, that they no longer know how to relax and play and enjoy their youth.  They need no



  I do not know how others feel but I miss the simple things in life for them.  A Mom and Dad and siblings

all living under the same roof and sitting down to supper together..


Yes we did not have Xbox’s, TV’s in each room, phones pressed to our ears or for that matter  much of today’s

trappings, what we had was FUN and LOVE or maybe it was just my house.


I am glad I lived back then, as it has made me the woman I am today..






4 thoughts on “Doll Carriage Parade

  1. What a great memory! 🙂 Oh I agree with you so much! Kids are all into technology and growing up way too fast…not much imaginative play and not much physical activity for them. I feel sad for them too. –Anne

    1. Thanks was really hoping I was not alone on this one. I just came from our towns parade and since I am now on the Garden Club board maybe I can generate some interest in children planting a garden and maybe even a group doing something like this from THE OLD DAYS lol Grandparents would be so happy to see them being children again. Thanks for you like and comments Anne

    2. Me too I had the most wonderful childhood 🙂
      So grateful for a family that tried their best to
      make a pleasant place for us to lay our heads each night. I never had a worry and today’s children are so stressed you are right it is so very sad.

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