Children of the world

Where I stand is for the children of the world.

I think we should always keep them safe.
I think we should teach them what we know.
I think they have their own voice and it should be heard.
I think they matter.
This little girl matters to me.
I love her so much, it is plain to see.
My Mom was passing down what she knows, to her Great Granddaughter, even though her grandson has no contact
with his Grandmother. Life is hard, families apart more often than
as one.
Family life for so many is not the same as when I was a child.
I will never regret the time I spent with my great niece and what I have taught her.
Children have ALWAYS been the FUTURE, put in LOVE and
receive LOVE back.


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    1. Thanks! Someone has to take the reins man is this world messed up 😦

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