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    1. Thanks I sell beaded peyote and herringbone stitched bracelets in custom colors too for $37.50
      Eyeglass beaded straps in Spiral for $20 or if I do them using kumehimo with fancy beads and silver cones they can run up to $50.00
      I also sell Sea-glass I find and I wrap them to hang from your chain or leather.
      Fused glass pendents,earrings and bracelets and even hat pins. I use Dicrohic glass to make them sparkle.
      My reg beading is $8 or $10 for earrings
      and spiral bracelets go for $12

    1. lots of VERY TINY beads and anywhere from 5 to 8 hrs for each piece. I have laid off for last month just selling what I have left it is time to play with glass and fire 🙂

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