Spring Days in NH

Well March did come in as a Lion but from then on it has been one beautiful Lamb!

So much went on after Irene blew through these parts last year, that I fell behind on many things in our yard.  So I took advantage of these warm temps. to some pruning.

The March 1st storm left my Rugosa Roses weighed down and looking uncared for, so this is where I began yesterday.

I filled this barrel 3 times from just the rose-bush closest to my living room.  I know I will lose so many blooms this year,  as the branches were loaded with buds but next year it will be fuller and healthier with roses all over it, once again.  Mental note,  trim Lilacs, Forsythia and Roses as  they finish up their blooming season.

This is how they look now.  Still plenty of height for the birds to be safe from the cat. We have a Red Tail Hawk who doesn’t seem to mind throwing himself into these bushes for a quick meal of a red squirrel or a Juno.  Ouch the thorns are nasty, they were going through the thick gloves I had on.

I had noticed from the table as I was beading that a little squirrel had really found the dried fruits on this rose tasty, so I took a few shots through the window and screen to capture him in the act

This little one would crawl through all those thorns and then run back to this spot and sit and peel it, then devour it.

oops trying to shoot this through window without it seeing me is tough, let me show a photo with his whole head lol

He is on thorns on one branch and stretching as far as he can to grab another dried fruit, they must be delish!


This one was so tasty he just sat on all those thorns and ate it there!

I know I should have been beading but it was so nice out it did not take much to distract me ..  No sign of the hawk this afternoon.

I raked and raked the thatch from the lawn and then it was time for a little Frisbee with JT she is not used to these temps. so she rests a lot!

I will till the garden this first week of spring and add all my seeds for cool weather crops.

The BBQ is set up as well as the table and chairs so maybe tonight I will do Chicken or Steak on the grill and celebrate SPRING  and the warm temps she has blessed us with.

Enjoy your day as well