March comes in like a LION

March rolled in with 12+ inches of snow, here where we call home.  Crazy really for us to be surprised by this, we do live in NH but this has not been a NORMAL winter.  We have been so spoiled by grass and warm temps and the birds singing their spring songs.

Our little Juncos have know idea what is going on.  So there I am crippled in pain from clearing the yard for us and on go the boots to shovel a spot for them to eat seed, I scatter for them.  As I am watching the wildlife scratch the ground, crack the shells for the fruit inside, out of nowhere comes a Hawk,  no this time I did not run out to confront him with my camera, lol I just got angry at myself for making these  little birds, sitting ducks . From now on seed will be scattered up against the house or in the rose bushes, the bigger bird will think twice before going after one of our brood.  I know he has to eat but that is what rodents are for!

JT LOVES the snow!  She loves playing with her  ball in it and wonders why I don’t want to play with her like I do in summer.  Silly girl she is and such a wonderful dog for our family.

See what I mean!  She looks at me as if to say Let’s  Play.   I remind her to play with her ball and to have fun and  as she pushes it into the snow, I can’t even see it,  as I snap another photo.  I am glad she is happy and full of fun.  I just wish I had her stamina.

I call her in to warm up, as I wipe her down  we close the door till tomorrow, when I hope to wake up and see it was all just a bad dream and it’s really is a beautiful spring day.