2011 is behind us

2011 Winds Down

This past year had  some very special moments but some really trying ones as well.  This really is what life is all about isn’t it?

It reminds me to be thankful, as well as grateful we made it through 2011.

After the winter we had last year we decided to camp along a river for the better part of three months.  Though we got our site(s) late  and had to move to 3 different sites, in doing so we met some wonderful people. One such couple from so far away, will always be missed though we will stay in touch,  it is still not the same as in person.

I got really sick as did our pup.  I am so much better now and down 50 +/- lbs from the end of last year, Thank you WW.  JT was covered with fleas and became so allergic she lost a lot of her fur, and chewed herself so very raw, this with Frontline Plus on monthly, needless to say that is not what she now uses.  All animals should be as loved as our little ones are.

I did not put a garden in this year at home, unless you can count my flowers, but I always had something growing just outside of our RVs door.  I did miss all my goodies and my little hummingbirds but on my 2 days home each week they got fresh sugar-water.  I missed watching my broods of wild turkeys, that call this place home, hatch and did not see them daily till Sept so they did not really get to know us like the years before.

We had some horrible weather come through our area this year as our summer was coming to an end, Irene blew through and took roads, bridges and businesses and homes away.  Today VT is opening one of their roads that they lost back in August, crazy weather in US as well as other parts of this earth.

I lost one of my dearest buddies this October on what would have been my Dad’s birthday.  Now two of the most important men in my life, are gone.   I try to remember the great times I had with both to ease my pain but it just never seems to stop the tears for too long.  I will miss you Dad and Cris forever.  You both taught me many, wonderful things.

I took so many beautiful photos, now to figure out what to do with them. I also had a little story published in a local weatherman’s latest book on New England weather.  I have written three other stories that have gone into a local Treasure Hunting newsletter too.  Did I say I LOVE SPELL CHECK lol.  Sometimes the brain works faster than these old hands of mine.

A very special little boy made an appearance on Thanksgiving day, really much too soon, just 925 oz,  little William Avi, latest update: he was  3 lbs for Christmas.  Can hardly wait till he can go home with his Mom and Dad.

I added some of my pieces of jewelry into a local place here Diddles and Doodads and it is run by a very wonderful lady, please stop in to meet her and see all the beautiful items she has on display, in her beautiful home.

I know we can not really  know what tomorrow will bring, never mind next year, but all I want is PEACE.  Seems simple enough to me, lol

Please drive safely this weekend, you are IMPORTANT.

See you all next year