Holiday Shopping?

I finally left the house with JT and Ron.  It has been one thing after another this summer and fall with JT and I.

She is on a lot of medications and we hope she starts to get back her thick and  beautiful coat,  as winter is just around the corner.   This weighs heavy on us as we love her so much.

We went to Newburyport for the ride as well  as to get some exercise.  All this beading and torch work has had me locked inside.  I stopped at OLDIES to see Jean, who will add some of my pieces there, for sale.

I also have some in Raymond and they are having a Gala Event Thursday night if you are in the area, from 6 to 9.  Door prizes and discounted prices!  Holiday Shopping Days are upon us.  Whenever you do go out to get it done please try to buy locally and if you can get something from a  local artist/crafters  so much better than junk from China, just saying.

I will make custom pieces, in sizes and colors of your choice, if you have someone special on your list who loves jewelry, most of my pieces  go for between $15.00 and $40.00.

Have a wonderful week